Playing for Keeps by Kelsie Belle

About me
Kelsie Belle wears many hats – wife, mother and teacher are just a few. But the erotic romance writer hat is by far her favorite. She has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember, many characters live inside her overactive mind and a thousand stories come to life in her head every day. She’s been writing down her sweet romances ever since she was a teenager but in her early twenties, Ms. Belle became interested in erotic romance novels and her own stories took a turn for the sensual since then.
Kelsie is wildly gregarious by nature. She considers herself ‘forever 21’ and enjoys reading contemporary romance, Science fiction and fantasy, listening to music and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. A caffeine addict that lives life from one coffee mug to the next, she’s always on the go, ready and waiting for the next adventure.
My book


By: Kelsie Belle 
Categories: Erotic RomanceContemporary
Word Count: 80,729
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.
Story Blurb
Some games are too dangerous to consider yet too delicious to ignore. One look into Cameron Chase’s smoldering green eyes has Cassidy Samson wanting to throw her rules to the wind and engage in a reckless game of lust, but can she play with fire and avoid getting burnt?
Left broken and bleeding, night club owner-slash-accountant Cassidy Samson did her best to pick up the pieces of her broken self and move on with her life. She vowed never to let anyone get close to her heart again…until the potent force of a pair of green eyes threatens to bring her to her knees.
Hired as the new guitarist in the band at the Escape Lounge, Cameron Chase is intrigued and aroused by Cassidy’s tough-as-nails attitude and sets out to barrel through the formidable wall she has constructed around her heart, to get to the real woman behind the façade. He agrees to play by her rules in a reckless game of lust in hopes of finding love.
But will Cam be able to chase away the demons of Cassidy’s past that threaten to consume her? Will his love be strong enough to make her whole again?
 Available for purchase at:


EEEEEeeee, I’m so excited! What do you think of the new cover for WHITE TRASH WITCH, a FREE book I’m going to have out in the next few weeks. Wiley is a witch whose spells tend to fail. She refuses to date handsome rich men because of her ex-husband.Image 

When Ryder, a competent wizard finds her in a restaurant in the town of Salem, he’s wary because he’s been bitten by the divorce bug and wants to find a woman who could love him for himself. He disguises himself as a balding, poor man and she falls for him. The only problem is that she hates liars. How can he convince her that he’s the right man for her?


Two young, giggling women rushed in the front door and raced to the back, disappearing behind the kitchen door. The middle aged woman at the cash stood there shaking her head at their apparent tardiness. Moments later the two women returned, wearing sailor’s hats and aprons.

“Sorry, Diana. That train! One of these days I’m going to beat it, and be here on time, I promise!” said the beautiful blonde.

Her delicate skin was white and splattered with freckles that made her look impish and mischievous. She had deep green eyes, and her face was oval shaped, her chin pointed. A beauty mark rested on the right side of mouth. She had lips that drew the eye. Kissable. That’s how he would describe them.

Ryder shied away from even talking to her, unwilling to speak to a beautiful woman. He wanted a real woman who would be happy with a bald, unattractive man who had little money to his name.

Her friend had large, brown, innocent looking eyes, and a heart-shaped face. She was about six inches shorter than the blonde, standing a few inches above five-feet tall. Her hair was blonde with black and red streaks that marked her as an individual with a streak of rebellion.

To his dismay, the blonde was the one who drew his eyes. He watched as she took a deep breath and pulled out her pad of paper and pencil. She smiled at the older women and then walked over to him.

“Hello. Welcome to the S.O.B.,” she said, grinning.

“The what?” he asked, surprised at her strange welcome.

“Salem On Buy,” she said releasing an adorable giggle. “Can I take your order?”

“Oh, ah, what do you recommend?” he asked, finding it difficult to talk to her with her mischievous gaze focused on his.

“Well, we have Salisbury steak on special, but I wouldn’t order it. It’s tough,” she said under her breath.

“How’s the fish?”

“Good, if you like eating socks,” she muttered.

“Hamburger?” he tried, grinning.

“Not bad, but stay away from the special sauce,” she mumbled.

“Okay, then how about a cheeseburger, hold the sauce.”

“Good choice,” she said, grinning. “What would you like to drink?”

“How about a beer?”

Can’t say much bad about beer,” she said quietly, laughing. “Coming right up.”


A Taste For Killing by H.K. Sterling

A Taste For Killing

By H.K. Sterling


Mystery and Romance blend together when competing detectives Carolyn Woods and Jack Heart are both hired to solve the murder of Pete Wallace, only to realize they are working the same case. To complicate things, Carolyn and Jack have an on again-off again relationship. Then there is Evan Jones, a handsome architect— but he’s also a suspect. Can Carolyn manage to solve the case as more and more murders pile up? Will her relationship with Jack hinder their investigations? And what about Evan Jones? He seems like the perfect man, but could he actually be the murderer? One thing is for sure: someone close to both Carolyn and Jack has A Taste For Killing.


He had six-pack abs, and I wanted to feel the carbonation. This one dressed like the stereotype of a construction worker, down to the handkerchief he used to wipe sweat off his forehead. I don’t know if he or the hot day brought it out, but sweat poured off of me too. He had no interest in me as a person, though. I was invading his territory. Still, I enjoyed the view. For my part, I knew my clothes looked crappy. I didn’t have to wear uniforms anymore, but my street clothes, well they were very—street. So there I stood, a turd in the sun in front of this Adonis. Oh well.

He pointed to a small trailer up a muddy hill. The supervisor I asked to see apparently stayed in there. Stayed, as in never left. Great. Mud. Now I’d be a dried turd in the sun. Adonis went back to digging and I started the trek up the hill. At least I came with boots. Steel toed.

Once I made it to the trailer, I heard an argument going on inside.

“Look, I don’t care who you are. The plans are publically filed. Go get them yourself!” yelled someone.

Then I heard a voice I knew. Calm, cool, subversive. “Is there any reason you’re being so difficult? A man did die on your watch.”

An encounter I hadn’t planned on. Well, at least not until later tonight. I knocked loudly on the door and with my sweetest voice said, “Hello, boys. Am I interrupting something?”

“Great,” groused the supervisor. “A party.” He appeared to me like another stereotype, puffing on a cigar over a fat jowl line and rotund stomach that threatened to overturn the small desk he was behind. I guess there’s a reason for stereotypes. He looked about four hamburgers away from a heart attack.

On a wooden chair in front of the supervisor sat Jack. A fellow independent detective, an ally at times, a competitor…and my on and off lover.

“Well, well, well,” he said smiling, but I could tell he wasn’t happy to see me. Not here. It meant we were both working the same case. “Hello, Carolyn. Who hired you?”


“Girlfriend,” he answered back.

We stared at each other. Complications.

The supervisor didn’t give a damn and said to me, “Well, missy, I’ll tell you the same thing I told this guy.” He jerked his thumb around to Jack. “The plans are publically filed and that’s all I have to say about it.”

I tried a different tactic. “That’s fine with me. I have no problem going downtown for a copy.” I wore my practiced, saccharine smile. “But I wonder, could you tell me the name of the architect? Please?” I smiled again. God, this job sucks at times.

The supervisor sighed. “Jones, Evan Jones.”

“Thank you so much,” I said, smiling my best smile again. “I’ll get out of the way and leave you two boys to…whatever you were doing.”

I opened the door to go and started to shut it only to find Jack following me out.

“Sure, flash your tits and get what you want.” Boy was he in a bad mood.

“There was no tit flashing in there. Face it, testosterone was not a good choice in that situation.”

Jack’s response: a grunt.

“Besides,” I tried to placate him, “I didn’t get the plans either.”

“No, you did one better.”

“That’s assuming the architect will have anything to do with me and cooperate.” A thought occurred to me. “So are you going there too?”

“No, I might as well wait and see what you turn up. Besides, I have my own leads.”

“Are you planning to share?” Just call me hopeful. As in full of shit, because that’s where hope always seemed to lead.

“No,” he said, still grumpy.

“I see. So it’s gonna be like that.”

“I guess so.”

 I felt like such a female. Damn. But I had to ask.

“Are we still on for tonight?”


I wasn’t convinced but didn’t push it. God, sometimes I hated myself. But we were good together—when it was good—when his competitive edge didn’t get the better of him. Though I was one to talk. I did the same thing at times. Hence our on and off status. But currently we were supposed to be on. So, I kept it light in the spirit of things to come.

“Okay, master detective, I’ll leave you to your leads. See ya.”

“See ya,” he replied, already preoccupied, pondering a piece of paper he’d taken from his pocket.

I made my way down the hill in my muddy boots.

H.K. Sterling



H.K. Sterling is an author with Breathless Press known for stories with imagination, intelligence, a kick, and twist endings. H.K. likes to focus her writing on suspense, science-fiction, shorts, and anything that is spicy and unexpected. Sometimes her writing may even go dark. H.K. lives in Virginia with her husband who graciously puts up with her passion for writing. H.K. currently has a Mystery/Thriller out: A Taste For Killing; and two short stories in the Breathless Press Anthology: My Bloody Valentine. Her new book, A Taste For Danger has just been accepted for publication and H.K will also soon publish a short-short titled Eyes Only. H.K.’s books are suitable for 18+. You can contact H.K. on the following social media:

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How feisty should the heroine be?


When you read a story, should the heroine be weak and helpless, letting the hero take care of her every need, or should she be a powerhouse feisty woman who doesn’t need to be taken care of?


Jinn Dennison is a smart-mouthed feisty female with an ‘I don’t need no man’ attitude. The hero is an alpha male who shows her she does need him, yet he needs her as well. There’s nothing like having a battle of wills between the hero and heroine. Jinn shows Tab (Toxic) McTavish that she can handle herself well enough, thank you very much! Tab, however, falls for her because she’s so independent.

When they clash, sparks fly. Their determination to ‘be on top’ keeps them interesting throughout their story. I, personally, prefer an alpha male and a female who can take care of business with or without his help.

There’s nothing like a challenge to be met.

What is your idea of a heroine? Should she fight to the end to win?

Get your copy of Jinn & Toxic today at It’s in ebook format and easy to download. Book 2, Minx Juliette is coming soon. Wait until you meet Jinn’s identical twin sister. Talk about a perfect pair of felines.

Have a cup of coffee while you read!


The kindness of others

During my vacation last week, we found out that 57 bags of luggage were left behind in Toronto. The airline said that it was due to a weight restriction. It took five days to get the bags back to the resort we stayed at. In the meantime, everyone shared their belongings so that the people were able to enjoy themselves.

The kindness of others sharing makes me feel ‘warm and fuzzy’. Yes, I did as well because my luggage was on time. Imagine that you’re at a resort with nothing to change into, no bathing suit, no personal items like creams, makeups, deodorants and so on. Wouldn’t you want others to help you out as well?

My aunt in England’s house burned to the ground while I was away. She’s still in hospital with few belongings, and the love of our family. People tend to offer things to those in need. It might not be everything you need, but it’s a start.

Are you kind as well? Imagine if everyone in the world shared their belongings to those in need. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world?

Be kind to others. Someday you’ll get rewarded by someone helping you out when things go awry.

Tell me about something kind you’ve done to others. I’d love to hear from you.

JINN & TOXIC has arrived!

Here is an excerpt of Jinn&Toxic for you.

“When I give you an order, you obey. Do you understand?”
When he stopped, she caught a look at his face and gasped. It was perfectly healed! He was incredibly handsome, even in the dim light. Thick, short black hair, and a five o’clock shadow shaped his chiseled features. The most incredible blue eyes she’d ever seen stared back at her with suspicion..
“What the hell is going on here?” she hissed as she tried to manage her pain.
“I’m the one who asks the questions, Sergeant. Now, tell me who you are.”
“I won’t do that.” He was a few inches above six-feet tall, causing her to have to crane her neck to meet his gaze. Before she could take him off guard and drop him, he spun her around and held her tight against him then stripped her of her head gear.
Cries of surprise sounded as the teammates caught sight of her face. The Captain turned her to face him and frowned.
“You look pretty good for a dead woman, Dennison. Did you set us up?”
Jinn held her silence, unable to tell them she wasn’t Juliette. She had to keep her presence a secret even from this team. A quick glance behind her proved he was mind speaking when someone came up and tied her hands behind her back. The wrenching pain brought out an unwelcome groan, and she cursed under her breath.
“Until you tell me what I want to know, you’ll be my prisoner.”
“Captain, she helped us all. She’s one of us. Could we”
“Silence, Jennings. I’m not taking suggestions right now. Something isn’t right here and I want answers. What are you up to Dennison?”
“No comment.”
“Captain, we have company coming. Can we leave this battle for later?” Blackstone asked.
“Move out. If we get separated, meet at the designated coordinates in two days. You have your orders.”
Two at a time the team members disappeared into the underbrush and left the Captain and Jinn alone. He dragged her off through the forest in a different direction, his grip tight on her arm.
For hours she tried to keep up but her legs buckled from exhaustion and blood loss. The Captain squatted beside her. Sweat rolled off them both as thunder roared overhead, lighting flashing to fill the area with brightness. The wind picked up, rain slapping against their faces. All of the animals and insects disappeared to weather the storm, leaving Jinn and Tab alone.
Her whole body was on fire with agony, but she remained silent and uncomplaining.
“Sit up, and that’s an order.”
“You’re a bloody fool.”
“And you’re out of line.”
His hand slapped down on her good shoulder and forced her to sitting position. His other hand gentled over her injury. A strange tingling in her wounded shoulder made her gasp. Furious, she could do nothing but wait until he lowered his guard then escape into the night.
“You’re under watch. Don’t try and leave. You won’t like the consequences.”
“You are a jerk, Captain.”
“A court-martial is a nasty process, Max. Get comfortable. It won’t be long until sunrise.”
He walked off into the dark leaving her fuming. Damned alpha male with a command complex. Won’t listen to a word anyone else says!
His chuckle came from the distance.
to order your eBook copy today.

The New Year comes rushing in…

Writing comes from life experience and a lot of imaginationCOVER ART- Jinn & Toxic by Franny Armstrong 267x400
Today, I’m celebrating the release of JINN & TOXIC – Toxic Tango Troop book 1.
I hope you get to read this fun romp through a Mexican rain forest filled with danger. Jinn is a feisty alpha female who is pitted against a hunky team captain of an elite group of psychic soldiers.
When she battles to stay on top, he takes over and keeps her imprisoned with her heart.
Tab McTavish is an alpha male who doesn’t take no for an answer when it comes to his team. He thinks she’s her identical twin sister and a traitor.
Together they work to, not only take down a druglord, but find the real traitor on the team.
If you’re looking for a quick paced story filled with adventure, download JINN & TOXIC today!

Franny Armstrong

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

ImageMerry Christmas to all, and Happy Holidays!

This is the time of year when I do my deepest thinking. Christmas is about family to me. I couldn’t care less about getting presents. My ideal Christmas is when my family gather around the tree, then around the table for dinner. We celebrate love.

I wish I won the big lottery so I could help others less fortunate. Sure, money is always tight, but I’ve got it better than most, so I have no complaints. More important, I have fairly good health. Being Bipolar II, I always sit on the edge of a cliff, afraid I might fall over again. Good health is something that I strive to keep. It doesn’t always happen that way though.

Having good health is as important as being with my loved ones, for without wellness, I can’t enjoy spending time with those I love.

Every Christmas, my kids will bring home a friend to share our time together. It’s just something we do. The more the merrier, is the saying. I love sharing my family with new friends.

God Bless and have a wonderful holiday week. Enjoy the moments and seize the opportunity to help others. That, my friend, is what Christmas is all about.

Franny Armstrong

Meet Jinn & Toxic

Hello, I’m Jinn Dennison, psychic and empathy. I’m on a mission to find my identical twin sister, Julie. She belongs to an elite team of soldiers who are enhanced with the ability to speak telepathically to each other, as do Jinn and Julie.

Taken from our parents at the age of ten, my sister and I were separated because together, we can be deadly. When Tab (Toxic) comes into my life, things don’t turn out like I expect. Julie was severely wounded trying to protect the team and I have to find her before it’s too late. The Mexican Rainforest is a huge place. Tab keeps me prisoner because, not only does he think I’m Julie, but he also thinks I’m a traitor.

It’s 2025 and war isn’t the same anymore. The government doesn’t recognize the team of undercover soldiers so it’s up to me to rescue them so I can find Julie.

Wait until you meet us all. You’ll fall in love with the team mates. I love giving Tab a run for the money, and nothing will stop me from reaching my goals.


Insomnia ROCKS!

I tend to get insomnia often so I decided to utilize the time awake as writing opportunities. There is always time for a nap as my kids are all grown and I have a quiet home. Well, the dogs and cats aren’t quiet, but you can’t have everything.

I’m not one to only do a single thing at a time. I’m a multi-tasker who always has at least three books in progress at once. It’s okay because I don’t have to worry about writer’s block.

Do you ever write in the wee hours? Chocolate and insomnia…what a treat.


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