The Elements battle back!

franny closeup 200x300I wrote a series, which I’m always updating, about people with strong psychic abilities. It’s called the Love Is To DIE For… series. I hope you’ll get to read the five books I’ve already added. There is more on the burner.

What would you do if you had extraordinary powers? Would you take down criminals? Fight for justice? How about, heal the sick?

The female characters in the books are matched up with equally strong male characters.  After all, two alpha personalities meet and clash, but become inseparable. I love a good alpha male, while being an alpha female myself. No one can push them around.

I believe a dose of diplomacy is important in my characters. The evil antagonist always will lose the day in most stories, but in mine, we learn where they went wrong in their lives. People aren’t usually born bad, but the events leading up to adulthood can really put a monkey wrench into the mix as they grow up. There must be a reason people (or animals) turn bad.

I hope you’ll read my books, as I’m publishing quite a few now. Blessings to you.


love is to die for ebook covers

My latest book is Water’s Fall. It’s a paranormal romance with psychics. Tadi McCoy has amazing abilities, and he meets Maylin McCoy, a pint sized cop who surpasses the alpha female strength, and takes on his six foot five frame, which she calls Tree Trunk!

Tadi has the patience of a saint, yet finds it difficult to protect her since she’s always battling her own battles in her five foot tall frame. She’s a tough cop, and he doesn’t want to tame her, but let her grow. The gentle giant does everything he can to protect her, whether she wants him to or not.

Enjoy the ride.

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About Franny Armstrong

A multi-published author of paranormal romantic suspense and romance, I'm a full time writer who absolutely loves my career.

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