Monthly Archives: June 2014


DIET is a four-letter word! Losing weight has become a widespread goal for many people across the globe. However, if you’re like me, eating is a ‘see food’ issue. Outside of eating meals, I tend to eat whatever I see and snack while cooking.burger

My arms should be full of muscles with the number of times they lift food to my mouth. When I bake, I get to lick the beaters, not the children. I fell into an abyss of food as my vice became critical to my health.

Since I began a doctor prescribed and monitored ‘diet’, I’ve noticed how much I used to shove food in my mouth. The pounds kept rising until I wanted to throw the weight scale out the window.

Right now, I’m on track, and working toward a better lifestyle. The thing is that diets don’t end. You can diet until you’re blue in the face, but if you don’t change your relationship with food, then you will never meet and keep your weight loss goals.

I’ve become more aware of my downfalls and moved the cookies to the pantry out of sight, because my family eat them. I’ll admit to having my moments when I shove one in my mouth, but not everyday like I had before.

The next time you’re on a ‘diet’, remember that it has to be forever!

Franny Armstrong