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Never Surrender to challenges!

When I was diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder, I thought my life was over. I’d had a severe breakdown and couldn’t even talk. Every word came out like gibberish. I began to write for lack of words to speak, so I began my life as an author. It was a blessing in a big disguise.

Now I write, and edit novels. My mind is clear, and I am well. It took a long time to get here, and I cherish every day one minute at a time. It helps to have an exceptional psychiatrist and a long list of family and friends who support me.

If you need someone to talk to, please feel free to contact me. I can only offer suggestions. I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to, but I can listen.

Be well

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Four alarm fire!

I was strolling through Facebook and found this photo: nativeman

Some of my books in the Love Is To DIE For… series is about handsome native Americans who battle with their hearts to save true love. They’re alpha males who use tenderness and a firm hand with their feisty women. I love the strength of the men, but never let them overpower their mates.

When push comes to shove, two hearts become one, and they pair up with heroines who give them a run for their money.

Would you let someone teach and guide you, but keep your own identity and personality?

I say, bring him on!

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This month, July 2017, Coffee Time Romance is having a contest with Franny. You could win an ecopy of Jinn & Toxic, AND Minx Juliette, in the Toxic Tango Troop series. They are paranormal military romance in a series. You’ll meet identical twins, Jinn, and Julie, two powerful psychics. Each woman will find a hero who keeps her on her toes. The mystery is as strong as their gifts, and they are full to the brim with mischievousness.

What more could a tough gal ask for than a man on a mission who is her equal in every way. Talk about butting heads! They match each other to a ‘T’.

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Going back to work…

After 15 years of disability, I am on a journey to find a position with low stress, and lots of cash. What more could a girl ask for? But seriously, I find getting a job can be a daunting experience. After 15 years of writing (a healing experience) and 15 romance books published in ebook and print, I find that I’ve run out of steam. Writing is hard to do when your mind doesn’t go with the flow.

Stress is a serious issue with me. I’ve had three nervous breakdowns, but find that writing soothes me. I love to create characters who are fiesty and honest. Lots of my tales are with cops, undercover and sharing psychic abilities. I even have a couple of military romances with paranormal abilites.

For a while now, I’ve been unable to write. Yes, that’s right. I have writer’s block. I’m sure I’ll recover soon, but man, the number of characters running around in my we brain is no short of amazing. What would you do if you had to go back to work, and give up some of your writing?

Franny Armstrong



Hot stuff? Where’s the hose?

fireYou never appreciate it when the fire alarm goes off when you’re cooking…or over cooking! So, how do you feel about raising the heat?

True love can heat the sheets up until the alarm goes off, but how about a hot and steamy tryst? Can two people, who have chemistry, create enough friction to require a hose? I think so. Love begins with chemistry. When I first met my, now husband, Dan, I thought that someone had electrocuted me. He stirred something in me that I hadn’t known I held in my heart. Sparks definitely flew, and still do today.

After 37 years of marriage, I often find my libido stirring when he’s near. Never has this happened to me with anyone else. My daughters often tell me about wishing they could find someone like him. He’s an awesome person, who never lets us down. Strong, tall, dark, and handsome, his heart is pure, and he never lets me get away with too much. I have to laugh here, as I always push the limit within reason. I love to stir him up every once in a while. What can I say? I’m a rebel.

Here’s to hoping that your life has a little flame, and that you set off a few alarms yourself. Enjoy.

Are you psychic?

Everyone has some psychic ability. Have you ever been in a room full of people then felt like someone is staring at you, then you look up and meet someone’s gaze? That’s ESP. How about when you have a dream that comes true? That’s precognitive dreaming. How about when you choose a different path only to find out later that there was an accident on the path you usually take? Again, ESP.

I was born a strong psychic, and utilize it every day. Sometimes I have to ‘turn it off’ or I get overwhelmed when in a crowd. I’m empathic and ‘feel’ other’s energy. It can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it can make you uncomfortable. franny closeup 200x300

I recently read a woman’s palm while having coffee, just because I ‘felt’ it was necessary. Needless to say, she was amazed, and I was pleased to help. Palm reading is also fun. The lines on your hands change as you get older. I study things like that on a regular basis. Learning new things is important for a psychic. Even the psychic that I go to brings something new to the table each year I see her. I don’t read for myself because I can’t be unbiased. It’s all about how I look at my life and decipher the cards.

Have you ever been to  a psychic? I write romance novels and my characters have strong abilities. It’s a ton of fun to create characters who can see the world in a different way that we do in ‘real’ life. I hope you get to read them at or you can look me up on or




A Kiss is a KISS.

Can you tell what a person is like from his kiss?

Brett is a stranger, yet he steals a kiss from Lana. Now she has to decide whether to love him/her or hate him/her. Love and hate share a fine line, so is it okay for a guy to be a thief?

I recall the first kiss I gave my husband so many years ago. He sighed, and told me I was a good kisser, and I wanted more, but he was a perfect gentleman, and said goodnight. Then I had to wait hours to talk to him, practically pacing the floor. We’ve been together ever since, and will have our 36th wedding anniversary this summer. Judging by his kiss, I fell under his spell.

Enjoy this excerpt from Authors Beware, and you’ll see what I mean. What do you think of a stolen kiss? Would it make you angry, or stir your libido so deeply that you can’t stop thinking about him/her?


EXCERPT from Authors Beware

Brett knew someone tailed him. He’d been trying to shake the guy for a few blocks, but the man seemed relentless. Entering the lobby of Belleview towers, he glanced around, and saw an attractive woman waiting for the elevators near the back wall. She stood apart from the others around her, drawing him toward her like a magnet. He’d figured out a way to elude his tail, and hoped she would go along with it.
She’s really hot! She seems like a fun-loving girl. I hope she’s game.
After taking another glance outside, he saw the man coming up to the revolving doors. Moving quickly over to where the woman stood, he gave his plan a shot.
Nodding politely to her, he stripped off his jacket, rolled it into a ball, and threw it on the floor beside the potted fern.
“Excuse me, ma’am, but I’m in trouble, and I wondered if you could help me out?” He pulled his baseball hat from his back pocket, and put it on backwards.
Curiosity filled her gaze before she nodded. “Well, sure. If I can—.”
Before she could finish her reply, he swept her up in his arms, and kissed her passionately. The woman seemed so stunned she didn’t react to his audacity, melting into his arms instead of fighting him. Her hands rested on his chest, fingers tangled in his shirt
Distracted by the sexy woman in his arms, Brett found it hard to keep a close eye on his stalker, amazed at the passion the woman returned, nearly knocking him off his feet. Boy, she can light my fire anytime! Minutes may have ticked by, but he lost count, losing himself in her sensual mouth.
After the tail finally gave up and left, Brett continued the kiss, unable to stop. His pants suddenly became uncomfortably tight. Pulling her closer into his embrace, he nearly groaned as her body brushed up against him. She’d turned to liquid in his arms, sending shivers of desire up his spine. She smelled like lavender and fresh air.
He finally lifted his head, and stared into her eyes. Her expression dazed, she stared at him with a bemused gaze.
The elevator doors opened with a loud ‘ding’. Regretfully, he let her go.
“Thank you, ma’am. You were very helpful.” His voice low and husky, he watched her as he bent down, and picked up his jacket.
“Well, goodbye…” He started to say his farewell, but studied her swollen, damp lips, and changed his mind.
“Ah, what the hell,” he said, and kissed her again, a short, lip-smacking kiss. Then he nodded before he stepped into the elevator, and the doors closed on his grinning face.

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The Elements battle back!

franny closeup 200x300I wrote a series, which I’m always updating, about people with strong psychic abilities. It’s called the Love Is To DIE For… series. I hope you’ll get to read the five books I’ve already added. There is more on the burner.

What would you do if you had extraordinary powers? Would you take down criminals? Fight for justice? How about, heal the sick?

The female characters in the books are matched up with equally strong male characters.  After all, two alpha personalities meet and clash, but become inseparable. I love a good alpha male, while being an alpha female myself. No one can push them around.

I believe a dose of diplomacy is important in my characters. The evil antagonist always will lose the day in most stories, but in mine, we learn where they went wrong in their lives. People aren’t usually born bad, but the events leading up to adulthood can really put a monkey wrench into the mix as they grow up. There must be a reason people (or animals) turn bad.

I hope you’ll read my books, as I’m publishing quite a few now. Blessings to you.


love is to die for ebook covers

My latest book is Water’s Fall. It’s a paranormal romance with psychics. Tadi McCoy has amazing abilities, and he meets Maylin McCoy, a pint sized cop who surpasses the alpha female strength, and takes on his six foot five frame, which she calls Tree Trunk!

Tadi has the patience of a saint, yet finds it difficult to protect her since she’s always battling her own battles in her five foot tall frame. She’s a tough cop, and he doesn’t want to tame her, but let her grow. The gentle giant does everything he can to protect her, whether she wants him to or not.

Enjoy the ride.

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Gravity Sucks! The wish…

Some days I wish I could be strong like Superwoman, or courageous like Xena Warrior Princess. I even think being able to fly would be awesome.

However, I’m simply human, and prefer to keep my feet on the ground. It’s not so bad. I’d love to be able to clean my house in all of five minutes, and serve supper in an instant, but I take the time to make it spotless, no matter how long it takes, and have the food taste delicious.

I also wish I won a million dollars and lose over a hundred pounds, but I have to be realistic. I don’t have that kind of money…yet! Also, losing weight takes courage, strength, and determination, which I lack at present. It’s just too easy to shove a brownie in my face, or eat on the run. Sometimes I don’t even remember that I’ve eaten!

What is your greatest wish?


If you’re looking for a great Paranormal Romance, GRAVITY SUCKS! is it!

Paranormal Romance (vampires)
Love scenes, language.
ISBN: 9781311539588
18,000 words

gravitysuckscover200x300Ashamed of her disability as a vampire who couldn’t fly, Tasha Roshenko fought to keep her vulnerable heart to herself, but as luck would have it, a handsome vampire singer in a band proved to be her downfall.

Heat had become a well-known womanizer of both humans and vampires. Bored and lonely, he was ready to end his existence of one-thousand years. He found new life when he sensed Tasha, and noted that she was different, the first woman he’d ever met, who didn’t want him.


As soon as she opened her eyes, Tasha was aware of the body next to hers. Never before had she felt such wild passion with a man, vampire or human. He hadn’t replaced the wrist cuff and chain after the long night of lovemaking.
She was free, yet she couldn’t deny that she felt bound to him, and that disturbed her more.

“I’ll feed for us, and be back soon.” His whisper close to her ear sent shivers down her spine. He left in an instant without waiting for her answer.

Upset at herself for giving in to the vampire, she quickly dressed by conjuring up some clothes with a wave of her finger, and tried to find the exit. When she came to the crack in the wall, she was unable to open the door.

“Damn him!”

With no apparent exit, she could only wait for him to return, and pray she could outsmart him. She didn’t want to remain there, captive in more ways than one. The feelings he evoked proved more dangerous than when she’d been brutally used by other vampires in the past.
When he finds out I’m disabled, he’ll leave me anyway. It’s best I go before I get attached to him. I’ll have to find a new home far enough away that he’ll never find me.

It wasn’t the first time she’d had to move. The last vampire who’d found out about her lack of ability to fly had laughed her right out the door. She could still hear his malicious words.

You’re a joke! I can’t believe I wanted such a poor specimen for my mate. Get out of my lair, and don’t come back. You are useless to me…

Never again would she set herself up for a fall. She decided to give up on learning to fly.

“Maybe it’s time I end it all, and give up. I’ll never be able to do the things a normal vampire can do.”

“You did pretty well at it last night, my princess.”

The deep voice behind her startled her into releasing a scream.

“You did miss me, didn’t you?”

Before she had time to move, the door slid closed with a snap, locking them inside.

“I want to leave,” she cried, feeling along the wall to no avail. Fear that he’d heard her admission rose in her belly until she began to tremble. If he found out…

“No. I have better plans for us tonight.”

Tasha knew that it was useless to argue with him, since every time she spoke, he bulldozed ahead and did what he wanted anyway. The terror grew as she waited for the anger and vengeance she expected.

“Damn you! You can’t keep me here.”

“I can, and I am. Now, let’s get you fed.”

She crossed her arms over her chest, and shook her head in defiance, but he laughed and threw her over his shoulder, carrying her back to the bed. Before he laid her down, he removed her clothing, and began to kiss her into submission. No matter how much she wanted to fight him, she soon melted into his arms, and accepted her fate.

I’ll leave tomorrow…

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