Hot stuff? Where’s the hose?

fireYou never appreciate it when the fire alarm goes off when you’re cooking…or over cooking! So, how do you feel about raising the heat?

True love can heat the sheets up until the alarm goes off, but how about a hot and steamy tryst? Can two people, who have chemistry, create enough friction to require a hose? I think so. Love begins with chemistry. When I first met my, now husband, Dan, I thought that someone had electrocuted me. He stirred something in me that I hadn’t known I held in my heart. Sparks definitely flew, and still do today.

After 37 years of marriage, I often find my libido stirring when he’s near. Never has this happened to me with anyone else. My daughters often tell me about wishing they could find someone like him. He’s an awesome person, who never lets us down. Strong, tall, dark, and handsome, his heart is pure, and he never lets me get away with too much. I have to laugh here, as I always push the limit within reason. I love to stir him up every once in a while. What can I say? I’m a rebel.

Here’s to hoping that your life has a little flame, and that you set off a few alarms yourself. Enjoy.


About Franny Armstrong

A multi-published author of paranormal romantic suspense and romance, I'm a full time writer who absolutely loves my career.

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