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EEEEEeeee, I’m so excited! What do you think of the new cover for WHITE TRASH WITCH, a FREE book I’m going to have out in the next few weeks. Wiley is a witch whose spells tend to fail. She refuses to date handsome rich men because of her ex-husband.Image 

When Ryder, a competent wizard finds her in a restaurant in the town of Salem, he’s wary because he’s been bitten by the divorce bug and wants to find a woman who could love him for himself. He disguises himself as a balding, poor man and she falls for him. The only problem is that she hates liars. How can he convince her that he’s the right man for her?


Two young, giggling women rushed in the front door and raced to the back, disappearing behind the kitchen door. The middle aged woman at the cash stood there shaking her head at their apparent tardiness. Moments later the two women returned, wearing sailor’s hats and aprons.

“Sorry, Diana. That train! One of these days I’m going to beat it, and be here on time, I promise!” said the beautiful blonde.

Her delicate skin was white and splattered with freckles that made her look impish and mischievous. She had deep green eyes, and her face was oval shaped, her chin pointed. A beauty mark rested on the right side of mouth. She had lips that drew the eye. Kissable. That’s how he would describe them.

Ryder shied away from even talking to her, unwilling to speak to a beautiful woman. He wanted a real woman who would be happy with a bald, unattractive man who had little money to his name.

Her friend had large, brown, innocent looking eyes, and a heart-shaped face. She was about six inches shorter than the blonde, standing a few inches above five-feet tall. Her hair was blonde with black and red streaks that marked her as an individual with a streak of rebellion.

To his dismay, the blonde was the one who drew his eyes. He watched as she took a deep breath and pulled out her pad of paper and pencil. She smiled at the older women and then walked over to him.

“Hello. Welcome to the S.O.B.,” she said, grinning.

“The what?” he asked, surprised at her strange welcome.

“Salem On Buy,” she said releasing an adorable giggle. “Can I take your order?”

“Oh, ah, what do you recommend?” he asked, finding it difficult to talk to her with her mischievous gaze focused on his.

“Well, we have Salisbury steak on special, but I wouldn’t order it. It’s tough,” she said under her breath.

“How’s the fish?”

“Good, if you like eating socks,” she muttered.

“Hamburger?” he tried, grinning.

“Not bad, but stay away from the special sauce,” she mumbled.

“Okay, then how about a cheeseburger, hold the sauce.”

“Good choice,” she said, grinning. “What would you like to drink?”

“How about a beer?”

Can’t say much bad about beer,” she said quietly, laughing. “Coming right up.”