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The kindness of others

During my vacation last week, we found out that 57 bags of luggage were left behind in Toronto. The airline said that it was due to a weight restriction. It took five days to get the bags back to the resort we stayed at. In the meantime, everyone shared their belongings so that the people were able to enjoy themselves.

The kindness of others sharing makes me feel ‘warm and fuzzy’. Yes, I did as well because my luggage was on time. Imagine that you’re at a resort with nothing to change into, no bathing suit, no personal items like creams, makeups, deodorants and so on. Wouldn’t you want others to help you out as well?

My aunt in England’s house burned to the ground while I was away. She’s still in hospital with few belongings, and the love of our family. People tend to offer things to those in need. It might not be everything you need, but it’s a start.

Are you kind as well? Imagine if everyone in the world shared their belongings to those in need. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world?

Be kind to others. Someday you’ll get rewarded by someone helping you out when things go awry.

Tell me about something kind you’ve done to others. I’d love to hear from you.