Press 1 for English…

JINN & TOXIC – Toxic Tango Troop book 1
Franny Armstrong

Have you ever sat on the phone waiting for menu after menu to pass until you could talk to a human being? For English, press one, then you have four more choices to select. Thinking you’re done, you groan with frustration as you press one of another seven choices. Once you’ve selected the next five numbers, you get that machine in the woman’s voice stating that all their technicians are busy handling other customers.
Now, here comes the elevator music that makes you grind your teeth. Then, once you’ve waited for a minimum of fifteen minutes, you finally get the technician on the line and he or she says, “Oh, that’s another department. I’ll transfer you.”
Cursing under your breath, do you get hung up on, or find that the next technician you speak to says that you’re supposed to talk to the one you just transferred from?
No wonder my characters are impatient when it comes to waiting. I don’t blame them.
You still have the true issue to deal with. Keep your chin up. You can always press ‘0’ for operator so you can start the whole process again.
Press 1 for assistance.

JINN& TOXIC – Toxic Tango Troop book 1
A military secret, psychic Sergeant Jinn Dennison goes AWOL to save her identical twin sister who’s been shot while on a covert mission.
Tab McTavish is the Captain of Toxic Tango Troop, (TT&T), and he believes that Jinn is her sister, Julie, and that she’s betrayed the team. Able to heal using his ‘gift’, he uses Jinn to find the traitor. He’s on a mission with his elite commando team to stop a drug lord.
Together, they search for Tab’s kidnapped sister in the Mexican rainforest which harbors a cut throat gang of drug smugglers, and find Jinn’s sister before it’s too late. Will one of the women die before they can get to her? Torn between them, Jinn and Tab battle against the odds to save the day.
After a long, uneventful day, Jinn was exhausted and tired of waiting for Tab to follow through on his threats. With no chance to get past his defenses and the team never far away, she remained captive.
There’d been no contact from Julie, but the mild pain in Jinn’s chest assured her that her sister was alive. They’d found few signs of humans passing, and the trail was getting cold. Many of the teammates were getting frustrated.
Jane Burgess, one of their female soldiers who they called Spitfire, was a prisoner of the enemy and that boded ill for her. From what Jinn had seen with Angel, the rebels were brutal with women.
Angel still hadn’t spoken more than a few words since her release. She’d withdrawn into herself as though to block out the world. Tab and Gonzales watched over her. Jinn studied Tab as he fed the woman and realized by the tender care as he wiped some meat juice off her chin with his thumb that he had feelings for her. A twinge of jealousy reared its green head.
Jennings sat down beside Jinn and studied her for a few moments before she spoke, the first of the soldiers to even acknowledge her since she’d been unveiled by Tab.
“I don’t know what’s changed about you or why all the lies, Dennison, but I want to tell you something; Don’t you harm the Captain or anyone else on this team, or you’re a dead woman whether you helped us or not. Understand?”
The serious frown on her face caused Jinn to realize there was more to the threat than simple protectiveness. “You’re in love with the Captain, aren’t you?”
A flush turned Jennings’ cheeks red as she stood.
“I meant what I said.”
Jinn nodded. “I’ll take that into consideration. As I said before, I’m not here to harm anyone. I have a job to do, and I’m going to do it with or without the help of TT&T.”
“As long as your job doesn’t jeopardize the rest of us, I’m good with that.” Jennings stood and moved off to sit with the others, leaving Jinn to her thoughts.
The hairs on the back of her neck stood up, and she realized that someone was watching her. She looked up and met Tab’s brooding gaze. Her lips tingled at the memory of his mouth on hers, his body mastering her on the ground earlier. She licked her lips unconsciously and nearly grinned when his eyes dropped to watch the movement. He might pretend to be impartial, but by the growing bulge in his pants, he was anything but.
Tab turned around and disappeared into the forest. Satisfaction was a sweet tool.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Franny Armstrong has written creatively since she was a child. Her mother always told her to write down her feelings and she did. When she was ten, she started writing and acting out plays in her garage for the neighborhood kids.
When she became ill in her forties, she used her writing skills to create stories that took her away. Living in the country with her husband and mother, three dogs, and two cats, she loves the silence when working on her books, when she can get it. With three full grown children and four grandchildren, she has a full life. Writing is her life now. Her main goal is to be a #1 Best Selling author and tour with book signings. for Jinn & Toxic-Toxic Tango Team book 1
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About Franny Armstrong Author

A multi-published author of paranormal romantic suspense and romance, I'm a full time writer who absolutely loves my career.

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